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Ensuring boating safety & water quality.

The Lake Zoar Authority is a multi-town organization consisting of representatives from the four towns that border the lake - Monroe, Newtown, Oxford, and Southbury. The Lake Zoar Authority is tasked with the goals of improving water quality and promoting safe boating on the lake.


Drawdown Dates

September 10, 2015

Drawdown dates for Lake Zoar are October 24th to November 1st.

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Ongoing Construction

Lake levels will fluctuate and may go lower than usual due to ongoing construction at the dam. Levels will return on the weekend.

Annual Weed Treatment

The lake's annual weed treatment is scheduled for July 8th July 15th. Avoid swimming in the lake until 24 hours after the treatment has completed. Please read the the yellow notification signs posted on the waterfront streets for more information on the treatment.

2014 Lake Zoar Pre and Post-Treatment Aquatic Plant Survey Results

February 22, 2015

This report was presented to the Lake Zoar Authority by Northeast Aquatic Research. It indicates weed survey results both prior to, and post chemical weed treatment on Lake Zoar during 2014. The reported findings will allow the LZA to assess the effectiveness of chemical weed treatments on the lake as well as assist planning for future weed treatment applications.

Read the 2015 Report

Drawdown Dates

September 23, 2014

Drawdown dates for Lake Zoar are November 1st to November 9th.

Chemical Treatment

July 11, 2014

The chemical treatment was rescheduled and occurred Wednesday, 7/23/14. The treatment will start at approximately 8:00 AM on Wed, July 16th and will take approximately 4 hrs. to complete. Posters will be placed in the affected shore areas announcing the chemical treatment as well as giving guidelines for avoiding the treated areas for a specific time.

Safety Buoys to be placed on Lake Zoar for 2014 boating season:

April 26, 2014

The Lake Zoar Authority is pleased to announce that we will be deploying safety buoys throughout the lake at various locations where submerged objects such as rocks, stumps and shallow water may cause a navigational hazard to boaters. In our ongoing effort to promote safety on the lake, the Lake Zoar Authority carefully selected areas of concern and captured their gps coordinates during the fall draw-down of 2013. These locations have been submitted and approved by the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection. Our goal is to have the buoys in place prior to the 2014 boating season. Installations have already been contracted out and are to begin the week of April 21st. Installations are expected to be completed prior to May 1st. The buoys will be placed on the lake each spring and removed in the fall to prevent any possible movement or damage by ice. Please be on the lookout for the new markers and allow ample room to navigate around them as the proximity of potential obstructions may change due to fluctuating water levels on the lake.

Springtime PFD Reminder

May 6, 2014

The LZA would like to remind everyone that CT State Law indicates personal floatation devices are REQUIRED to be worn by anyone in a manually propelled vessel From October 1st through May 31st. Kayaks, canoes, rowboats and other forms of paddle craft fall into this category. After May 31st a pfd must be present for any occupant of such craft. The information listed below was taken from the State of Connecticut 2014 Boaters Guide. As everyone prepares for spring and summer activities on Lake Zoar please be sure to familiarize yourself with Connecticut's Boating regulations.

You can view the 2014 CT Boater's Guide online.

Connecticut Life Jacket and Personal Flotation Device (PFD) Laws:

  • There must be a wearable life jacket on board for each person aboard every vessel.
  • Each life jacket must be readily accessible.
  • Each life jacket must fit the intended wearer.
  • If the vessel is required to have a Type IV "throwable" PFD, it must be immediately available.

Life jackets must:

  • Be U.S. Coast Guard approved.
  • Have a legible label.
  • Be of the correct size and fit for the wearer. A life jacket should fit comfortably snug and never cover your face or ride up past your ears.
  • Be in serviceable condition (all straps and buckles must be in good condition and able to perform their jobs; all seams and material must be intact).
  • Be worn by children under 13 years old on any vessel that is underway unless the child is below deck or in an enclosed cabin.
  • Be worn by anyone operating or riding on a PWC.
  • Be worn by anyone being pulled behind a boat (such as tubing or skiing).
  • Be worn by anyone in a manually propelled vessel from October 1 through May 31 (must be Type I, II, III, V or V-hybrid).


  • Ski belts are not legal life jackets.
  • Inflatable life jackets may not be used by persons engaged in high-speed water sports (such as riding PWCs or water-skiing) and may not be used by persons weighing under 90 lbs. or under 16 years of age.

2013 Post-Treatment Report now available.

October 16th 2013

The results from the 2013 post-treatment survey on invasive aquatic plant treatment areas are now available.

2013 Annual Lake Drawdown

September 27th 2013

The 2013 annual lake drawdown has been scheduled by First Light to occur Saturday, October 19th through Sunday, October 27th - First Light reserves the right to adjust this schedule.

New meeting locations!

January 11th 2013

Beginning January, 2013 the Lake Zoar Authority will hold its monthly meetings at different locations following a rotating schedule. Each town represented by the LZA will now host 3 meetings per year at a specified facility within that town. We feel this will provide greater accessibility to those who wish to attend any of the meetings and allow for better public participation and comments from the communities the LZA represents. Please check the posted meeting schedule for dates and locations of upcoming meetings.

Post-Treatment Report now available.

November 14th 2012

The results from the post-treatment survey on invasive aquatic plant treatment areas are now available.

Water Quality

Water quality is a primary area of focus for the Lake Zoar Authority. The LZA performs regular water testing for eColi and other conditions at several locations throughout the lake. The results are sent to the four member towns and the appropriate health departments. The towns and/or DEP also test water at public beaches.

The LZA’s role is information gathering. The LZA also participates in water studies to learn more about the changing conditions of the water. In addition to quality, the LZA has an extensive program to control the growth of invasive weeds and as funds allow the most infested areas are treated with an herbicide that is used in over 150 lakes in CT each year.

Lake Patrol

The Lake Zoar Authority also supports the operation of a marine patrol enforcement unit with two LZA-owned boats. The marine patrol is radio equipped, with constant shore contact. To reach the patrol by phone, contact your local town police.


An objective of the LZA is to be a resource for the users of the lake. A primary means of education is the safety inspections performed throughout the summer by the marine patrol. The LZA plans to host more safety awareness days, coordinate with the Coast Guard Auxiliary for inspections at boat launches and to use this website to help all users of the lake understand more about safe boating and responsible use of the lake.

Remember, Connecticut residents are required to have a Connecticut Safe Boating Certificate or Certificate of Personal Watercraft Operation on their person when operating a boat/PWC in CT. Individuals must successfully complete an approved basic boating course to obtain a certificate. (There are many sources for the safe boating classes including the USCG Auxiliary, see link below for more information.)