Lake Zoar Authority | 2020 — 02-04
The Lake Zoar Authority is a multi-town organization consisting of representatives from the four towns that border the lake - Monroe, Newtown, Oxford, and Southbury. The Lake Zoar Authority is tasked with the goals of improving water quality and promoting safe boating on the lake.
Lake Zoar Authority, Lake Zoar, CT, Connecticut, Newtown, Southbury, Oxford, Monroe
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2020 — 02-04

2020 — 02-04

Lake Zoar Authority

P.O. Box 931

Southbury, CT 06488




Member Towns





The regular meeting of the Lake Zoar Authority was held Tuesday February 4, 2020, at 7:00 p.m. at the Monroe Town Hall.



Commissioners Present:

Gary Fillion, Chairman

Ed Kusinski, Vice Chairman

Lesley Pires, Secretary

John Downs

Herbert Garber

Mark Saksa

Dick Speer

Jeff Thomas



Bob Mouchantat, Treasurer

Bill May

Frank Cavallo



Gary Fillion, chairman, called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.


Secretary’s Report:

The January 7, 2020 minutes were edited to reflect a correction of error in names. A motion to accept the edited minutes was made by Dick Spear, seconded by Ed Kusinski; the motion was passed unanimously.


The correction to the January 7, 2020 minutes for Unfinished Business states that Bob Mouchantat nominated Lesley Pires for Secretary; seconded by Bill May, elected unanimously.


Public Comments:

The LZA was made aware that the Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Stamp fee will be collected by the CT DEEP from any person who registers a vessel or renews a vessel registration in Connecticut, including for those boating in inland waters, as set forth in Public Act No. 19-190, effective January 1, 2020. The AIS fees are $5 for Connecticut residents and $20 for non-residents. The stamp must be present on the boat at all times. Non-Compliance is an infraction, subject to a fine of $103.00. The LZA Marine Patrol will review CT DEEP guidance and enforce AIS stamp regulations this season.


A local university student submitted commentary with concerns to local cyanobacteria blooms on Lake Zoar in 2019. She requested the LZA consider a lake buffer management plan to prevent harmful substances from running into the perimeter of the lake, as it can be a natural method to mitigate current water quality issues on Lake Zoar. The LZA discussed the current lake buffer management plans on Candlewood Lake and how these efforts could be practically applied to Lake Zoar in the future.


Correspondence and News Clippings:



Treasurer’s Report:



Marine Patrol Report:

The Marine Patrol Coordinator reported that Jobs4Blue, a third party administrative service for law enforcement, will now be managing all scheduling and finance duties for the Newtown Police Department, starting February 8, 2020.


Publicity/ Public Awareness:

Introductory plans to create a publication for safety on Lake Zoar was presented.


Water Quality / Grants Report:

Gary Fillion advised the FirstLight 2020 Shoreline Management Plan Lake Advisory Committee Meeting will be held on February 11, from 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM. Gary will be attending with others.


The CT DEEP has reached out to the LZA with interest in receiving Lake Zoar water quality data for use in a nutrient inputs study. A request will be made of Dr. Knoecklein of Northeast Aquatic Research to assist in data coordination with the CT DEEP.


Western Connecticut State University’s Cyanobacteria Monitoring Program has invited the LZA to participate in a weekly water testing program for public beaches on Connecticut lakes this season. The committee agreed to allow sampling and the director will be notified to allow for program budgeting and planning.


CNN contacted the LZA regarding compliance concerning the non-profit Leaps of Faith, which operates on the Southbury waterfront. The inquiry will be forwarded to FirstLight Power Resources.


Walsh Construction contacted the LZA regarding project management issues for construction bids concerning the replacement of the I-84 Rochambeau bridge over the Housatonic River. The inquiry will be forwarded to FirstLight Power Resources.


Boats and Motors Report:

Dick Speer reported on LED replacement light plans for each patrol boat. The LED system is more cost effective than replacing the current lights. Dick will meet with the vendor to verify that the design plans will meet the needs of the marine patrol boats.



Gary Fillion advised the additional grant previously received from FistLight Power Resources will not be awarded to the LZA this year. Routine annual money will still be made available.


Unfinished Business:



New Business




A motion to adjourn was made by Herbert Garber, seconded by Lesley Pires, the motion was passed unanimously. Gary Fillion adjourned the meeting at 7:34 PM.



Respectfully submitted,

Lesley Pires, Secretary


The minutes are not considered official until approved at the next regular meeting of the Lake Zoar Authority to be held on Tuesday, March 3, 2020 at 7:00 pm at the Newtown Community Center.


Click here to download 02-04-20 Minutes


Click here to read the proposed agenda for the 03-03-2020 LZA meeting

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