Lake Zoar Authority | May
The Lake Zoar Authority is a multi-town organization consisting of representatives from the four towns that border the lake - Monroe, Newtown, Oxford, and Southbury. The Lake Zoar Authority is tasked with the goals of improving water quality and promoting safe boating on the lake.
Lake Zoar Authority, Lake Zoar, CT, Connecticut, Newtown, Southbury, Oxford, Monroe
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May 2020

2020 Herbicide Treatment Rescheduled

UPDATE: The 2020 herbicide treatment plan has been tentatively rescheduled for June 23, weather permitting. The lake will be chemically treated with Reward (Diquat) herbicide to control the aquatic nuisance plants Eurasian watermilfoil and curlyleaf pondweed, applied by SOLitude Lake Management.   The exact treatment date is dependent on...

WCSU professor receives grant for bacterial research

May 11, 2020  ♦  by WCSU News "DANBURY, CONN. — Western Connecticut State University Associate Professor of Biological and Environmental Sciences Dr. Edwin M. Wong has received a $20,000 grant from Praxair/Linde to fund his continuing environmental research. Wong currently is researching and investigating toxic Cyanobacteria...


Areas of Lake Zoar are currently green with visible blooms of cyanobacteria, known as blue-green algae. Some of these cells produce toxins (Microcystin) that can make people and animals sick. Not all of the cells produce the toxin. Presence of the bloom does not indicate...

2020 Herbicide Treatment Planned for June

Lake Zoar is scheduled for herbicide treatment during the third week of June, between June 15 and 19, 2020, to be applied by SOLitude Lake Management. The lake will be chemically treated with Reward (Diquat) herbicide to control the aquatic nuisance plants Eurasian watermilfoil and curlyleaf...

May Regular Meeting Has Been Cancelled

Please be advised that the Lake Zoar Authority meeting scheduled for Tuesday, May 5, 2020, at 7:00pm, at the Southbury Town Hall, 501 Main Street, Southbury, CT 06488, is cancelled, due to COVID-19 public safety concerns. Any business from this meeting will be conducted at the next regularly...