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Microcystin Monitoring Report August 5, 2020

Here are the Microcystin toxin report for samples collected Aug 5, 2020.

*Jackson Cove beach was not able to be accessed due to fallen trees and power lines.

“Microcystin Report

Samples collected August 5, 2020

Site     ppb (ug/L)

Beseck   0.516

Brookfield   0.314

Danbury   0.341

Eichler’s Cove   0.902

New Fairfield   0.289

New Milford   0.159

Sherman   0.116

Results meet the assay kit’s QC criteria.

The U.S. EPA and CT DPH currently advise a Microcystin threshold of 8.0 parts per billion (ppb; µg/L) for recreational waters.

Standard Curve   R-squared = 0.998

Thank you for participating in the WCSU Cyanobacteria Monitoring Program.

Edwin Wong, Ph.D.

Ghada Hafez, Ph.D.


Click here to download the report