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Microcystin Monitoring Report August 19, 2020

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“Here are this week’s assay results for Microcystin levels at tested public beach sites. Samples were collected August 19, 2020, below or away from any floating bloom material. Results meet the assay kit’s QC criteria.

The U.S. EPA and CT DPH currently advise a Microcystin threshold of 8.0 parts per billion (ppb; µg/L) for recreational waters.

Attached are also some nice photomicrographs from my student, Shafaq Hashmi. These samples were collected at Beseck Lake this week and show the diversity of cyanobacterial genera.

Thank you for participating in the WCSU Cyanobacteria Monitoring Program.

Edwin M. Wong, Ph.D.

Ghada Hafez, Ph.D.

Cyanobacteria Monitoring Program

Dept. of Biological & Environmental Sciences

Western Connecticut State University

Danbury CT 06810

[email protected]


Click here to download the report