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To legally operate any boat with a motor or a sailboat 19½ feet in length or longer, the following persons must obtain a Safe Boating Certificate (SBC):

  • Residents of Connecticut
  • Owners of real property in Connecticut
  • Anyone using Connecticut waters more than 60 days in a year

To legally operate a personal watercraft on Connecticut waters, regardless of state residency all persons must possess a Certificate of Personal Watercraft Operation (CPWO).

As per State laws, boats must travel at slow/no wake speeds when within 100 feet of shore, PWC’s must follow that within 200 feet of shore.

Boaters must inspect their vessel for vegetation and aquatic nuisance species and properly remove and dispose of all vegetation and nuisance species before transporting the vessel. You can be fined $95 per violation(CGA 15-180) and Public Act 12-167. Some invasive species have been found in CT, so you must inspect before and after launching in Lake Zoar.

Lake Zoar has a daytime speed limit of 45mph (1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset) and a nighttime speed limit of 25mph, which is enforced by radar by the LZA Marine Patrol.

Marker buoys around the lake signal underwater hazards. Not all hazards are marked and hazard buoys can be moved out of position by high waters and boaters. These buoys are merely an aid and should not replace caution, common sense, a good map and depth finder.

It is the responsibility of the boater to ensure you are complying with all CT boating regulations when on the Lake.  Boats may be subjected to vessel safety inspections by LZA Marine Patrol or CT DEEP EnCon Police while entering or on the water.

Lake Zoar is regularly patrolled by the Lake Zoar Authority Marine Patrol. The DEEP EnCon Police also provide enforcement support, and can be reached at 860-424-3333. Boaters on Lake Zoar must follow all State and local boating regulations.