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Meeting Minutes August 2, 2021

Lake Zoar Authority

 P.O. Box 931

Southbury, CT 06488

Email: [email protected]

Member Towns


The regular meeting of the Lake Zoar Authority was to be held on Monday, August 2, 2021

at 7:00 pm at the Oxford Town Hall, 486 Oxford Road, Oxford, CT 06478.

Commissioners Present:

Gary Fillion, Chairman

Bill May, Treasurer

Lesley Pires, Secretary

Frank Cavallo

Herbert Garber

Jerry Kozera

Mark Saksa

Dick Speer


John Downs

Jeff Thomas

Chairman Gary Fillion called the meeting to order at 7:02pm.

Secretary’s Report:

A motion to accept the minutes as read from the June 1, 2021 minutes was made by Bill May, seconded by Frank Cavallo; the motion was passed unanimously.


Public Comments:

Greg Sideleau of Newtown inquired about shallow water levels at his dock which limited boat access, and herbicide applications extending into his area. Chairman Gary Fillion explained that the water levels have been low because the lake needs to be able to accept excessive watershed run off from higher up on the Housatonic river, all the way from Massachusetts. Gary reported that FirstLight is operating within their limits but he will let them know the water levels are a concern for residents.


Correspondence and News Clippings:

Candlewood Lake Authority minutes were made available for review.



Treasurer’s Report:

Bill May, Treasurer, presented account balances, with cash on hand totaling $95,728.22. $94,832 has been received from all four participating towns. The total funds equal $190,560.22. The FY 2021-2022 Budget is currently planned for $114,831.00 in spending. Bill announced that on Friday August 13, 2021, CIRMA insurance agents will meet with the LZA at Lakeside Marina at 10AM, with marine patrol present. The insurance adjusters want to visit to understand how the LZA control risks, to create a competitive insurance packet. Bill also reported that the budget presentation has been remodeled to 4 columns to include 2019, 2020, current year, and next year.



Marine Patrol Report:

Dan Semosky, Marine Patrol Coordinator, reported patrols were cancelled Friday July 2ndthrough the 4thdue to weather. 47 infractions and warnings were issued for the month of July. The most common offenses were for lack of PFDs in kayaks or paddle boards. Although life jackets are not required to be worn on personal flotation devices until October 1, there still needs to be one on board for every occupant, and worn by children under the age of 12. There was also an infraction issued to a parent for an underage driver.

There has been a Marine Patrol show of presence at the I-84 construction zone. Most boaters are now obeying the no wake zone but those who speed by officers have been issued tickets. The construction plans include installing steel beams in two weeks which will close the channel temporarily.

Maine Patrol was present at the lake concerts and reports 65 boats at the first event and 60 last week. Officers are encouraging boaters to leave at dark.

Marine Patrol is still available to tow disabled boats, but officers will now bring the boat to the state launch or Lakeside Marina, and the occupants can then be driven to their further destination.

Dan reported that on two separate occasions, July 25th and August 1st, 2021, Marine Patrol officers at Jackson’s Cove, Oxford, observed that the beach had no life guard present on the podium while minors were swimming. The patrol boat pulled in to speak to on duty life guards and made contact with the parks and recreation department. The parks and recreation director clarified that if guests are on the beach but no one is in the water, then there is not a requirement for a lifeguard to be on the podium. Staff explained that the life guards were in the shack during these incidents because there were no swimmers when they left the podium. The director attended the LZA meeting and announced that the issue has been resolved, as new policy ensures a lifeguard will remain on the podium while the beach is open, regardless of swimmer status.



Publicity/ Public Awareness:

The Marine Patrol Coordinator requested the website be updated with Lake Zoar specific guidance on courteous boating behavior concerning noise and wake activity.


Water Quality / Grants Report:

Chairman Gary Fillion reported that Eichler’s Cove cyanobacteria microcystin toxin levels have been within EPA and CT DPH limits. The first annual weed treatment is now scheduled for Wednesday, August 4th, with a rain date of Thursday, August 5th, 2021.

Boats and Motors Report:

Dick Speer reported that oil changes and scheduled maintenance is being conducted between patrols. Dick requested a quote for new graphics on the side of the boats that are more distinctive for marine patrol.




Unfinished Business:

Chairman Gary Filion reported that he needs nominations for Vice Chairman and to still fill the Oxford & Monroe vacancies.

New Business





A motion to adjourn was made by Herbert Garber, seconded by Bill May, the motion was passed unanimously. Gary Fillion adjourned the meeting at 7:58.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lesley Pires, Secretary

The minutes are not considered official until approved at the next regular meeting of the Lake Zoar Authority to be held on Tuesday, September 7, 2021 at 7:00 pm at the Southbury Town Hall.

Click here to download the 08-02-2021 Minutes

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